Yes, first you will need to make account, after that send an E-transfer to We will add the amount to your digital wallet.

Playing our competitions is simple! First (1) create an account by clicking here, (2) then once logged into your account navigate to the competition you wish to enter, (3) Enter how many tickets you would like to purchase and proceed to checkout.

If the competition is not full we will extend the competition. For more information please refer the Terms & Conditions.

We use a true random mechanism provided by in order to pick our competition
winner. These draws can sometimes be watched live from our facebook page.

Our standard maximum entries per user is set to 25 for any one competition, however some competitions may be even more or less limited. Please check the specific competition stats to view the maximum ticket amount for that specific competition.

1. We think we’ve got some great prizes. Whether you fancy taking the holiday of a lifetime, getting behind the wheel of a brand new sports car, donning the latest technology or embarking on a completely new experience, we’ve got it all on our Competitions, which refresh every couple of weeks.

2. We have fantastic odds. Most online raffling websites charge crazy mark-ups on the real value of their prizes; we’ve seen cars being sold at 5x cost, electronics being flogged at 10x their retail value and all manner of uninspiring prizes being listed at unconscionable margins. These high mark-ups translate to more tickets, and more profit for the website operator, at the expense of the customer. With Sharma, we take a totally different approach. We keep the number of entries low relative to the cost of the prize, and keep ticket prices low too, meaning that you get a truly fair experience, and ultimately a great chance of winning!

3. We’re totally transparent. We always state the number of tickets available for each Competition (unless it’s a charity Competition, where we want to raise as much money for the charity as possible), and so you will always be able to know exactly what your chances are of winning right from the outset. Moreover, all of our draws are hosted by an independent, audited third party service in, and you can see the outcome of every draw in the publicly available records that they hold here: You’ll be able to see your tickets sitting pretty in each record for the draws you have entered into.

4. We will always keep ticket prices low. With Sharma, you will never have to pay more than $20 to enter a Competition and secure your chance to win – it’s our philosophy that everyone should have a chance at glory, and that even if you don’t win, you shouldn’t feel hard done by, and you definitely shouldn’t feel a dent in your bank account. Raffling should be a source of light-hearted fun, and we want to keep it that way.

5. Even if you lose, you’ve helped someone win. We give 5% of every ticket purchased to charities that our customers choose when signing up, meaning that every ticket spent on the website helps a good cause, even if you don’t win the grand prize that you were hoping for. We also run Competitions where the vast majority of the tickets sold are donated directly to a particular charity, to support the valuable and varied work that our charity partners do.

Anyone above the age of majority in Canada is eligible to enter our competitions.

All of our not-for-charity Competitions have a maximum number of entries permitted, which varies between each individual Competition.

You must have an account and be above the age of majority in order to enter a
competition. The sign-up process takes less than a minute!!

Odds vary depending on the number of tickets being sold. Each competition will have
different odds.

Competitions last until tickets are sold out, or a timed competition has run out of time.

All entries are final and you will not be able to withdraw from a Competition after you have entered.

The draw will take place once all the tickets are sold out or once a timed competition has

We will contact you to let you know your ticket has been chosen. If we aren’t able to
reach you, we reserve the right to re-draw and pick a new winner

You can view the number of tickets you have in your account in the top right corner of the screen, inside the golden ticket. You will also be able to see your spent tickets in the member area.

We obtain all of our prizes directly from the vendor themselves to ensure they are
exactly as described.

If there is a problem with the prize whatsoever, please contact us right away by going to
the “contact us” page.

We will inform you of delivery options when we contact you to tell you you’ve won.

You will receive the prize that is specified in each Competition, and normally there will be no cash alternative available. On occasion, we might offer you cash, and this is entirely at our own discretion.

Absolutely! We would love to hear any prize suggestions you might have – just click the ‘?’ button and send us a message.

If we are unable to contact a winner we reserve the right to re-run the draw and
pick a new winner.

They most definitely do! You can check out our winners page for a full history of
all our winners, available here!

Sharma could not, does not, and will never have any access or control over the outcome of the draw. The entire draw process is performed externally by, and the results of each draw are made publicly available here The draw is stamped in until the end of time, meaning that we couldn’t affect the process even if we wanted to (which we definitely don’t!).

We are a good-natured company and will never ask anyone to participate in any unreasonable publicity requests. You are absolutely entitled not to participate in anything that you are not comfortable with – the only things we always need are a winner photo, and permission to place this photo on our website.

Your data is absolutely secure. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

No need to worry! If you have lost or forgotten your password, just go to the ‘sign in’ page and then click ‘reset password’. If you’ve forgotten the email associated with your account, then please do get in contact with us by clicking the ‘?’ button in the bottom right of the page and we will locate and verify your account.

You can close your account at any time by accessing the ‘member area’ and then clicking the ‘close account’ button at the bottom of the page.

It costs between $10-20 CAD for a single entry to Competitions on our website. We want to keep the prices low, because this way we can remain a source of light-hearted fun, and everyone gets the chance to play!

You can pay by debit, E-transfer or credit card on our website, using our payment provider’s secure
checkout system. Please be aware that some banks place charges on credit cards when you
participate in gambling transactions, and, at times, “Designer Clothing Competitions” gets
classified as a gambling transaction by certain banks

If you receive a message indicating that we were unable to accept your payment, please double check your details and try again. If you’re still having trouble paying, please get in contact with us at 

Feel free to contact us via our contact us page.